Phil, UK
Just a quick note to say that I have now fitted my Shift-I and I am very happy with the quality and performance of the gauge. Congratulations on such an excellent product backed up with great communications, thanks again and good luck in global domination,

Paul, Aussie Frogs
If you are after a testimonial for the shift_I I can give you one. After resolving my shitty ground issues in the Vitesse (It is english after all!) the Shift_I performed flawlessly and kept me in touch with the revs while the analogue tacho bounced all over the shop. This was at least partly responsible for me being able to shave three seconds off between first and last runs. Good enough for fourth in class behind an Renault A110 Alpine, Datsun 2000 and an MGB.

Mark, VIC, Australia
I feel it is worth saying that the product is 1st class and your before and after service can not be beat I feel a lot more company need to take a leaf out of your book and if you come up with new products I would be more the interested in having a look at them well here is a photo for your site from a more then happy customer Thank you very much Mark

Phil, Brisbane, Australia
Recieved and installed on the same day… PULSAR N14 SSS
The product is excellent… Well manufactured, engineered and packaged… Recommended – buy Australian….

mpsalm, Elisetalk
Just got my shift light installed. It’s a sweet piece of kit. Very customizable, I’m super happy with it. Also if you do have any issues these guys are in Australia but they’re super helpful over email in the off chance you do have an issue. I wish some places in this country were the same way.

blackstripeswhitelights, JDM Forum
Shift I received in good order mate – you are a master of your craft sir – you have my repeat business!!

JBO, JDM Forum
I am very happy to say that I had the Ecliptech shiftI and angel eyes brake light fitted to my CBR250.
Both are absolute quality products in make and functionality. Top design, easy to install and use. The after sales service is second to none. Top job and well done.
What else have you got? haha

Neil, UK
I used it in an Allcomers qualifying (racer mode) and race (cumulative mode) on Saturday and it worked perfectly. For the race I set the lowest light to the revs I need for the start and top light at peak power and made one of the best starts I’ve ever made (I would like to take some credit myself though!). It makes the rev counter almost redundant as I know when to change and that if no lights are on I’m in the wrong gear! The dash can now be redesigned without a rev counter. I’ll follow the instructions below if I have to dismantle it.

Davinder, WA Australia
Just a note to say I am very very impressed with the shift-I. It’s a very well engineering device and does exactly what you expect it to and a whole lot more.

JC, QLD, Australia
Thanks again Tony, have been playing with all the display modes, and I think your on a winner with that one in particular. I don’t know if you have driven a corolla sportivo but being able to change dead on 8200rpm really improves acceleration in these little things, and I have barely missed a change since. Very Very happy customer.

Andre, Australia
Thanks for the quick delivery and order. I received it on Friday as you said. Wired it up Saturday morning and it works a treat. Could not have been easier. I have it running on the switched 5V tacho output from the APEXI Power FC which is the most popular aftermarket ECU for R33 skylines. I have set it up to turn on at 3000rpm which is where boost starts to hit and max at 6800rpm just shy of the 7200 rpm limiter.

It is actually pretty handy for street use as 2 visible lights tells me I need to start backing off the loud pedal to avoid embarrasing sideways moments. 1 light tells me there is now boost available which can be handy for manouvering in traffic so you don’t get caught in the wrong gear. The real reason I needed this was to help me avoid hitting the rev limiter at track events. With a moderately large turbo (HKS 2835) on a stock 2.5L bottom end its best to avoid hitting the limiter as much as possible to ensure a long engine life! As I have been trying to keep an eye on the needle whilst negotiating the orange cones this should improve my lap times considerably. The boys at the track will be impressed with this one.

Paul, NSW, Australia
Thank you for such a great service. Indicator works as advertised. It is very Cool.

Detlev, Oroads
Well i received my shift-i today in the mail…. thankyou for very prompt delivery! Opened it up to be shown a very well packaged product. Installation was a breeze, with my model specific instructions being perfect! no soldering required, and setting all of the shift-i’s advanced settings was very simple to perform. Thankyou very much, it works perfectly, and looks amazin

prbs3, Ozclubbies Forum
Shift-i going very well in the car still, and I see business is going well internationally now too. Well done. Product deserving of success.

Peter M., NSW, Australia
Just wanted to write a quick message saying thanks for the excellent product. PS, it is refreshing to come across a company these days that gives a good level of customer service.

mwoodham, Lotus Seven Club Forum
I’ve finally got around to installing the shift-i shiftlights, and I’m very, very pleased with the results. It’s a doddle to install (three wires), and the programming is straightforward. Upper and lower shift points are manually settable (to any value you want), there is a choice of 6 or so shift patterns – dot, bar, either with red lights flashing, or with all lights flashing, even a ‘both sides’ mode where the bar starts from either end and meets in the middle.. Plus you can set it to monitor battery voltage, or just give volts on ignition-on, and revert to shift mode 3 sec after cranking. I didn’t have to tweak any settings at all, other than the shift points, using the spare tacho connection under the dash (car is EU3 K-series 1600).

Its a cracking little unit, looks great and does exactly what it says on the tin, beautifully. And for £72 bulk buy price. Even at the £99 FLuke are charging it’s a steal. Many thanks to Chris G for organising and to the Aussie dude who makes them! 🙂 🙂 🙂

look_no_hands, JDM Forum
When I purchased mine, i havta say some of it was bling factor related, but also the peripheral advantage of LED. I had no idea how advanced the unit acutally was until using it. It has the ability to customise it to so many uses, in so many different ways. It’s something that not only deserves reviews like this, but so much more exposure than it currently gets.

Ash, JDM Forum
All I can say is “wow”! I didn’t realise how many functions this little gadget has. We are both extremely pleased with the shift-i’s! The packaging was fantastic as well – the manual’s were very well set out and easy to follow! Thanks again for your prompt replies to my e-mails as well as your professional & friendly approach – made it much easier to deal with and make the purchase.

kmann88, JDM Forum
Just sending you a pm to show my appreciation for the awesome products you sent me and very impressive and straight forward directions on how to install them! On the strip, the shift-i was in a class of its own and after only having bout 5 runs I had a breather, finishing with my best result – winning my class.

Axeman666, JDM Forum
Eclipze I have never used the voltage feature on the shift-I until 2 days ago, took 2 seconds to diagnose the batt was fuqqed and the req/rec was fine. Godbless you and your foresight.

nathan f, Ozclubbies Forum
Service was amazing i even got an email responce when i ordered mine online on a sunday!!!
it was in my hands in remote wa with in a couple working days!!! the produce itself is the best $$$ ive ever spent on a aftermarket product. and ive spent some serious coin on stuff over the years…..

Chris W, Lotus Seven Club Forum
Hi Tony, I’ve got my shiftlight installed now and all the other units are with their owners and everyone seems universally pleased with them. One of the guys has replaced a very expensive unit with the shift-i as it’s just so much neater and nicer.

royyates, Ozclubbies Forum
I can only concur with everyone else; top product, top service.

clubbie7au, Ozclubbies Forum
A number of the guys on here have them fitted, they’re brilliant and do everything the advertising blurb says they do.

Dave M, Ozclubbies Forum
Got one in my Elise. Fantastic service and a brilliant product.

prbs3, Ozclubbies Forum
Yes, well pleased, as are 10’s of others down under who have fitted them. Highly configurable, does exactly what it says on the tin, and the support is second to none – the guy has really made a big effort.

DANMAN, Ozclubbies Forum
I am also using one. Tony is a great guy to deal with. I was so impressed that my co-director and I have organized with Tony to start selling these units to our fellow members here at Team Booyar (Our business). One very pleased customer.

Kestrel 7, Ozclubbies Forum
Fitted one to Kestrel 7 and and very impressed with the product and the service. Later had a problem arise and was going to contact Tony, only to receive an e-mail asking me to contact him as he had heard from another Adelaide clubbie owner with one of his products, that I might be having a problem. Problem solved in one five minute after hours telephone call. As others have said, great product, good value and Tony’s service is a rare thing these days. Satisfied customer and can’t recommend highly enough.

Jim, QLD, Australia
I purchased one of your shift lights for my Westfield Clubman 6 months ago great product. I wish to purchase one for another clubman.

Curt, Pennsylvania, USA
Wonderful product. I love it. I must admit I was skeptical but it really couldn’t be much better.

Swiftboy, JDM Forum
A big THANKS to Eclipse for selling me the shiftlight which indicated me that my reg was farked!
You saved me $$$$ in the long run buddy!!!

SumoBoy, Oroadsport Forum
Awesome Product, anyone who’s bought one will tell you. Haven’t heard one bad thing about it yet.Install is easy. Splice 3 wires and you’re done! A few of us here have them installed, if you need a hand give us a yell, or Eclipze can walk you through it.

John P, NSW, Australia
Thanks for that. FYI, your shift light in my PRB works a treat and I would recommend them to anyone.

Dave G, US
Received the Shift I today, fitted to bike, very impressed

Turlock, JDM Forum
Overall dude that is the most top quality, well built, bling(ish) item ever. The amount of features / settings is unbelieveable!! I’ll get a pic and send it to ye over the next couple of days. Thanks again dude, so delighted to have it!!

Kestrel 7, Ozclubbies Forum
Great product, fits superbly to the car and looks as though it was made for it, and the service provided by them is something you don’t get too often these days.

Sc00tz0rs, JDM Forum
The Shift-i rocks! So much easier to corner, ride and change gears without having to watch the speedo/tacho, the LEDs tell you everything, top stuff Tony!

injidup, Ozclubbies Forum
Very happy with it – works well, fitted it in minutes and it’s easy to program. I like the fact that it has some very sensible features:
It dims the lights in the dark so you don’t get blinded.
It dims the lights if you’v been at a constant speed for a while.
It works as a simple voltmeter too.

Dave M, Ozclubbies Forum
Got one on my Elise too. Well thought out unit. Very happy.

David, Ozclubbies Forum
Finally found time to install the lights. Easy job and what a great unit. You really have thought of every function. Very happy.

Vukie, JDM Forum
Hey Eclipze,Just got mine, how quick was that.. deposited the money tuesday, and got it on friday, when i first picked up the box i thought there was nothing in it! these things are soo light. Any big ups to you mate, well done. Vukie

Snowlady, Perth Street Bikes Forum
Yup, i’ve ordered my angel eyes to go with the shift indicator recently installed.
Tony is such an approachable, friendly guy who does damn fine work smile.gif

Ttigerleo62, Perth Street Bikes Forum
I don’t know about the tail lights, but I did get one of the Shift Indicators off Tony (Ecliptech) – he provides fantastic after sales service/help/support and is a pleasure to deal with!

mod_for_paraplegic, Perth Street Bikes Forum
i have got both the shift lights and the angel eye brake lights (v1).
They work fantastic. Installation documents are superb. He puts so much effort in them. I have seen it first hand

I visited Tony when I was in Melbourne. He installed free of charge a prototype of a power start up relay that reduces the load when you (shhh… secret)……. Any way, It works fantastic. He is a top bloke. His workshop is immaculet. He is a perfectionist (which is good if you purchase his product). I would fully recommend him and his product!!!

Bokken, JDM Forum
Dammit Eclipze you’re gonna get me in trouble again *LOL* Just when I thought I wasn’t spending enough…hehe

sifakas, JDM Forum
Get onto this boat before it leaves people, if you miss out you will be dissapointed. All of Eclipz’s stuff is of the highest quality, and as for the Bling Factor

mitch179, JDM Forum
i had these one my cibby and the photos dont do them justice at all i reckon they looked awesome!
buy them!

RR, Oroadsport Forum
Those shift lifts are awesome! For those that think it’s for poser value, have a look at Valentino Rossi’s dash, I think you’ll find something very similar. Lee, Medowie – Thanks again for fixing me up a while back with a Shift-I … It’s all going great Will buy another off you next year when I get an R6 😉

Gerald, Japan
It went great, I am really happy with it. I rode 3 half hour sessions at Motegi last Friday. I will try and take pictures this weekend and email a couple to you and post on the forum. I have two practice days tomorrow and Saturday and a 12 lap sprint race on Sunday so I should be able to snap some pics. Thanks for following up.

Cam, Howard Springs
Installed it and works great. Only took about 15 minutes.
Cheers Tony, I’ll definately be putting you onto people if they ask me about it.

Jon, Houston, TX
Do I get a $5 referral fee for people I send to you? HAHA!!!!!!!!! Just kidding man. Have a good day.
Jamie, Macarthur Canberra, Australia – Thank you for your excellent product. it is so awesome
i love it!

Bob C., Lake Worth FL, USA
Got it Tuesday already. Incredible service from ‘down under’. Faster than some things I ordered from my own country. Looks great. Thanks for the great, fast service

Alive, Gixxer Forum
Depends what you want really. I’ve used a shift light before, but found it to be a bit shit because it only came on at the shift point. This is only really good for straight line acceleration where you will always be able to shift at the optimum point. I bought one of the Shift-I things on the front page and it is awesome for me. I set it up so that the lights come on over my power range. This means if I have no lights I know I need to down shift. I also enjoy knowing that a shift point is coming up. Has helped me when in a corner and see the red lights coming on, so I know that I need to ease of the gas abit so I don’t run out of gear before the corner ends. Also keeps maximum rpm in memory for the session.

iversonson, JDM Forum
Received the goods today, installed in 5 minutes. So cool and neat. Thanks mate your on a winner.

injidup, Ozclubbies Forum
I’ve fitted one and it was both easy to install and easy to set up. It has some thoughtful features built in:
Light sensitive so it’s not too bright at night. Easy to change the sequence of lights. Lights dim after a certain time at constant revs so as not to distract. And having those lights flash at the right time is very useful!

IMO, a good product, well made and with intelligently applied features that’s easy to install and use. No connection, hapy customer, etc. Must get a movie made up… Wink

PRB22, Ozclubbies Forum
I fitted one to my PRB S2 for last weekend’s clubman challenge. I am really please with how it worked – easy to install and use.

Nathan, PRB Racer
I used the shift light on the weekend in racing – it worked really well. I set it to start at 7,000 and end at 7,800 (our rev limit is 8,000), with the cumulative then flash program. I liked it a lot, and it was very useful. It also showed that my tacho is a bit inaccurate up high in the rev range. I will recommend it to others.

waspo, TLPlanet Forum
A++ If you missed out on his Shift-I, God help ya!! Excellent Product!

angkordirt, TLPlanet Forum
Super helpfull,DAM FINE product,,very impressed

sifakas, JDM Forum
Just this arvo recieved My new foam surround and i have to say that the quality is on par wht the Shift-I and we all know how great (F*%king awsome) they are. Makes it look so much better and the Shift-I fits like a dream. Thanks Tony.

amedina, JDM Forum
I was a slow buyer… took me a few months to get around to buying it, sorry for that. But anyway, got it, installed it in about 4 minutes, and it’s the blingiest part my bike would have wanted!!! Anybody that hasn’t fitted one to their bike yet, really needs to!

Gappa, JDM Forum
Gday Tony, I’ve installed the shift light and its very nifty, excellent product. If you design anymore gadgets in the future let me know :). Cheers, Daniel

Muzzy, JDM Forum
Yeah i’ve got a GGGGAAR one and it looks so good on the bike! Top work Eclipze!

Erick, France
Hi Tony, Thanx a million. I hope you sell many of them because you deserve it ! It’s been nice dealing with you all along, so for that, thanx a lot (nice people are rare nowadays) Kind regards. Erick

stringy, JDM Forum
Just thought I would bump this say that these puppies are the bomb. Easy to install, look sh!t hot and the battery meter is invaluable. If you haven’t got one, check out someone with one installed and you will!

Cowboy, JDM Forum
Shift lights fantastic! Thank you Eclipz, they work great, are more acurate than the STD taco and much easier to read a full speed. Everybody else, if you have some spare cash–why wait?

Kali7, Oroadsport Forum
Well, I must say I like them, not just bling either…. it made me realise that I wasn’t as smooth as I thought I was…. One of the things at race school they kept harping on about, was the trick to changing down gears is not to lose your revs, or at least don’t drop them by more than 1000rpm…. so when those little lights dropped by 2 or more, I knew that was where I was losing my entry speed into corners (not that I was speeding or trying to get all the way to the little red lights on a double demerit weekend…), so I have to say the bottom line for me, is it very quickly has made my gear changes alot smoother and easier on the engine…. (not to mention the kick I get in seeing the little lights go from green to amber to red…. small things…….) I can see how its going to teach me to stop coasting on the track, a habit I have been trying to kick (trying to follow the philosophy of you either brake or you accelerate..)

I set my first indicator to come on at 5000 coz I do alot of city traffic riding, so the last red one comes on at 11000… I’ll probably set it higher for the track… One last thing, they are much easier to keep half an eye or peripheral vision on than your tacho (my brake master cylinder is always in the way on the track when I get past 10000 anyhow), so I would say these shift indicators are very functional …. the bling is just a bonus.

xphread, Perth Street Bikes Forum
already got two. (portable to any bike or car (for me), and fitted at birth to each side of me head!

wheelieBIN, Perth Street Bikes Forum
hay all…………….Got one of these on my 600RR…………..Very impressed will the whole thing.
Build quality is fantastic, has inbuilt battery charge indicator, and can be programed to suit street or track rev range use…………. Detailed instructions can be down loaded, for fitment. Any help you need is given……..

But the most impressive thing is it’s a quality product……..

amedina, JDM Forum
Indeed, seconded BG; It’s one of the COOLEST things my bike has. Absolutely BRILLIANT! If you don’t buy those that are left in stock, you WILL regret it. Trust me.

prbs3, Ozclubbies Forum
In summary this is a really neat bit of kit that does everything it says it does, and does it very well. Shift-I seems to be good value for money for the range of setup options provided, as long as it stays competitively priced. It’s worth mentioning that Tony from Ecliptech has been particularly responsive and helpful to deal with; it’s not like dealing with a mass manufacturer, and that’s a good thing!

peteR1, Hangmore Motorcycle Club
Well I put my money where my mouth is and this is the end result. It looks f**king awsome!! Took my only around half an hour to install, three wires only and I only had to remove the windshield to get it wired up.

Bikeless girl, JDM Forum
thanx Eclize, they are sooooo cool. I feel sorry for all of those who are gonna miss out . i still haven’t got mine in yet, but BF is loving his (he couldn’t wait to put it in)

supa4, 400 Grey Bike Foru
I bought one of the Shift-I gizmos and fitted it at the weekend. Very easy to fit as it came with connectors for the NC30 (same as CBR250 apparently). Only 3 wires to connect up, one screw onto the Earth wire terminal at the back of the tacho, one screws onto the positive wire terminal behind the Temp Gauge and the third wire plugs inline with the signal wire in the connector bundle infront of the clocks. I used the sticky pads provided to fix the Shift-I on the right hand side of the speedo. My clutch adjuster would hit if I put it in the same position as MMXR’s above.

The unit needs to be calibrated to the engine revs which is quickly accomplished by a combination of the 2 buttons. Then the low and high rpm shift points are set using the 2 buttons again and that’s it. ready to go! Shift-I also has a Battery Voltage display (Great feature for NC30s!) and an overcharging alert (fully adjustable to calibrate to the bike’s electrical system). The unit is fully adjustable and has some really nice touches like an auto-dimming fuction when riding at constant revs. In my opinion, a great Product at a great price.

mmxr, 400 Grey Bike Forum
It is easier because I can see what light is up without having to look directly at them. I have done 35,000 k’s on this bike before fitting and 1000 since. Its easier because I say it is. End of story.

random, JDM Forum
Ive had mine on my cbr250rr for a while now, been to 5 or so track days with it on and damned i love the thing.
I rarely see the lights during commuting (cause it is set too high and i dont like to rev it in town….much…). Makes it a bit of a talking point as well, im getting people wanting to trade bikes when we go for rides just so they can see the bling (which is fine by me, i get to ride bigger bikes).
On the track its fantastic, set to flash at around 18, so by the time i change gears im 19-20k instead of waiting till i hear it bouncing off 20k.

sifakas, JDM Forum
These Things ROCK MY WORLD just got mine on the bike and have been playing with it for the past hour, If you dont have one Get one, if you do have one Tell people who dont have one to get one, because you know how good they are !!! Top Job Eclipze !!!

TLDV8, Kiwibiker Forum
I am a happy buyer,great unit. The unit is easy to see without being a distraction and took me personally only a half day or less to get used to …one thing i found with the way i have it set..any more than 3 LED’s showing in the upper gears and i am speeding, something i simply don’t notice as much relying on the speedometer which in some cases is not clear with varying light.

dsgfh, JDM Forum
Having done a couple of track days with my shift-i installed, can I just re-itterate how AWESOME these are. I was using mine to indicate powerband on the NSR, as well as flashing for the shift point. Only time I looked at my tacho was when the lights went out & I wanted to know how far out of band I was (Do I snatch down a gear, or just power back into band?).

Highly recommended for all track day nuts 🙂

alive, JDM Forum
Yep these things are the bomb. Apart from the pure bling of heading down the straight, watching the lights build up the shift point when all the lights start flashing, it lets you keep more attention on the tarmac. The lights only tack a tiny glance to know where you are with revs. Very useful in long corners where you come in with too low a gear and you see your revs rising to high as it gives you time to plan ahead so you don’t run out of revs before you can change.

Hope you don’t cease manufacture of these babies Eclipze, cos I always want to know I can still get one

flyinryan59, Oroadsport Forum
I also am a CBR250.COM lurker and everyone who has bought these shift-i’s of eclipze seems to be extremely happy with the purchase. The guy is very good at his work, and has done plenty of business with these. Full marks to Eclipze, both for his ability to create clever gadgets and also his ability to work his business to keep the buyers happy.. and there are plenty of them….

TLDV8, TLPlanet Forum
Top bloke,awesome product,superb finish,great guy to do business with..

Syphon_Life, Kiwibiker Forum
best money i ever spent eclipse

fimp-bikes, TLPlanet Forum
hey, i bought one of them off him too (for the streetfighter TLR, so its a stand-alone tach for me!)
this guy knows his shit, check out his cbr250 taillight!!! AWESOME!!

mikk, KSRC Forum
hey guys! just thought i’d tell u all about the shift indicator i put on my bike. been using it for a month or so and i am thoroughly satisfied

Syphon_life, JDM Forum
These are awsome at night eclipse! helmet visors reflect the lights and for others it looks like your driving some kinda rocket ship. you had very clear instructions, even for a yamaha wiring loom. thanks eclipse!

sAsLEX, Kiwibiker Forum
ok finally got off my lazy arse and got round to putting mine on! Took all of an hour that included riding to a mates to get a soldering iron as I had lost mine! Have only gone to uni a couple of times with it so far and it does work quite well, can see it without looking directly at it, especially when they all flash for shifting!!

Vai_R1, Ozsportsbikes Forum
Hey Tony! Its Tony that bought the I-shift for my R1 last sunday. I got it fitted and its works GROUSE! I’ll send you the pics via email as soon as I get the pics resized. Guys, I reckon you all should just onto this NOW! I’ve seen data revights before and they are no where as good, nor do they have as many features and adjustability as the I-shift. The datatool revlights go at 220.00 bucks and are WAY inferior to the I-shift.

HowieP, Oroadsport Forum
What can i say but awesome!!! If you haven’t bought one, BUY IT NOW!!! especially useful in this mornings HEAVY fog icon_eek.gif because i could pay attention to the lights and the traffic rather than taking my eyes off the traffic ahead to look down at the tacho and speedo all you have to do is just move your eyes quickly and you can see it in your periphery. i always had to move my whole head down to see the tacho in my vision and that can get very dangerous in heavy traffic icon_confused.gif also allowed for consistent gear changes
my gear changes used to be all over the place because i was trying to just listen to the engine to determine if it was time to change instead of having to keep looking down at the tacho but now i change smoothly and consistently at 7000rpm

wheelieBIN, Oroadsport Forum
After opening the packaging and inspecting the unit, I was left very impressed with the build quality of the SHIFT INDICATOR, and also of all the wiring it came with………….. So far I give it 11 out of 10 Mr Eclipze………..Very Impressive……… Congratulations………. This is a quality product………. At a very good price………. Gotta say it was very easy………..Instructions were very simple to follow as well, so no one should have any probs connecting this up……. Hardest part is getting the fairing off……… The rest is childs play…

Pritty impressed with the different modes and light settings you can have. Was fairly easy to program the Shift Indicator to the rev range you desired the lights to come on at too……. So you have one setting for the road, and can easily adjust the shift lights for track use, where I think they would be most usefull. Very easy to see the lights with your Peripheral vision meaning you don’t have to divert attention away by having to look at the speedo (or getting scared icon_biggrin.gif ) to see what revs you’re pulling……….. Also has a battery meter as an added bonus, so you can see if the battery is charging with ease…………Well built unit, with many features………..And easy to install……. I’ll be getting one for my R1 as well………..

SumoBoy, Oroadsport Forum
It is basically an awesome product. Heaps of features, infinitely adjustable, easy to use and very well built! You can also order custom light colour combinations! Lights are super bright, and easy to pick up with peripheral vision.

ZXR250_NZ, Kiwibiker Forum
Ive had one for the last 4 months and love it. 20 minute job to wire up and callibrate A few of the KB members from wellies have already had a look at mine, but if you havnt and would like to have a look at one in the flesh before buying PM me and this can be arranged. Trust me if you knew how much time and money Tony has invested in this you would not hesitate as you know how quality the product is. Oh yeah, and he is an eletrical genius!

alive, JDM Forum
Recieved mine at the PI trackday and had Eclipze install it. They are simply awesome. Very easy to see the lights in the peripheral vision which led to less time looking at the instruments. This trackday was in pretty bright sunlight so I was pretty impressed with their brightness. Construction wise they are pretty impressive. Basically no gaps in the joins of the casing and the lenses fit perfectly.
I intially thought that the shift indicator would be bling than function. I have to say that it really comes into its own on the track when concentration and gears are so important.